Kaksha Gyaarvi

TV-MA 1h 14m 2016


After the massive success of Haq Se Single, Zakir is back. He is taking a step back, literally. In his latest stand-up special Zakir is taking his fans back to the times of school bags and friendships. He draws up experiences from being in all boys' school to talking about co-ed school. How the experiences of studying in both schools made him wiser and his experiences richer. He shares stories about boys, girls and boys stories about girls. From bullying to friendship and basic survival instinct that kicked in while just living through the years. All the cumulative years of experiences and stories that took to some unknown corner of his mind is being sped up and narrated in this special. He talks about the most intimate relationship in his life, the one that he shares with this father and how that molded him into the man that he is now. Zakir is indeed a unique act, and it's easy to see why. To say the least, this special is an intimate couple of hours about growing up and surviving through life.

Director: Angshuman Ghosh

Genres: Comedy

Cast: Zakir Khan

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